She-Wolf and The Hare

She said, “I’m weary,” to the hare at the water’s edge.
“Life is so dreary, why not just spend it in the hedge? 
Cause I’ve been on my knees, all buried in leaves,
I beg and I plead but my claws just collect dirt. 
If you’ve seen what I’ve seen, the demons come clean,
and the lepers believe that the young are meant to burn.

“The sky’s diseased. I guess we’ll see who’s faster now.” 

He said, “My lover, was taken by a beast! 
Covered in talons, it carried her out of reach. 
Since then I’ve been on my own, protecting my bones,
I sleep under stones so my enemies think I’m crushed. 
And I cut off the head, of a serpent that pledged he needed a bed
now he’s sleeping in the brush! 

“Don’t be deceived, who’s faster? Please! You’ll soon find out. 
This river bleeds my victories.” 

You can stomp your feet till your lungs give out, but the devil won’t hear you cry. 
Bet you thought you’d get the best of me, well you never know till you try. 
You can make your peace with the god you love, cause you’re gone when the thunder rolls. 
This river will take what’s left of you, but I’m gonna take your soul!

© 2014 Drover Shy.  All rights reserved. 

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