Br’er Owl

i built my bed in the tallest of the trees,
the highest canopy, it kept me safe from all the beasts.

i broke my bread, with the coldest travelers,
they plowed into the earth, raised their towers, spread their warmth

the town was pure – a beacon – i was sure!
its luster and demure healed the rich and blessed the poor.
the days were long, the hills were filled with song,
our hearts all marching on- and for a while we all belonged.

oh, my lord, it’s all too much.
i’ve never seen such beauty come from dust. 

then like a weed, she rose up from the east,
dug her fingers in the streets, and they coiled around my tree

inch by inch, and ever slowly, she poisoned all my roots,
i pleaded for a truce, but my floors had rotted through

she burned their inns, so they offered up their kin,
put her image in their dens, prayed the horror would rescind

every back will break when there’s nothing left to bend, 
the tears are forming creeks, though i’m still up out of reach,
i think it’s time that i should leave 

oh my lord, i’ve had enough, i’ll pack my bags and soar into the dusk
i fared much better on my own, i never should have left my treetop home

oh my lord i can’t give up, i’ll hold my ground, bleed for this town i love
sun has set on my longest day, darkness rise!
my weary friends remain

[ohohohoh] oh lord at least we won’t be alone


© 2014 Drover Shy.  All rights reserved. 

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