I watched the night and the end of all things good has just begun 
I asked Sir Fox, “Have you ever saved the soul of anyone?” 

He took a breath, spit out his cigarette and looked at me.
And said, “What for? My road to Hell was paved with my good deeds.” 

He said, “Please, why should I waste all the air that I breathe?
Just cause there’s pain and there’s blood in the trees?
I know I did my best to serve now these blackbirds are circling over me!
I would concede, that there is nothing left for us to see.
This place is ruled by a throne of deceit.
You do your best to follow me-
Pack up your bags and stripes, and let this old world be.” 

“I burned my home,” continued on my red-tailed companion.
“What’d be the point, of holding on to things that make me grin?” 

I said, “Now wait, that seems to much a bold and rash action.
What about the saints? you have ever even tried advice from them?” 

He said, “Well aren’t we just a little more dust and bone?
Just trying find a hole and someone so we’re not alone?
But as we get older our smell is gone and muscles groan.
Did you hear about Mister Owl and Brother Jones?” 

I said, “Does that mean that I curse the sky and hibernate?
Just so I slumber down and then dream about things I hate?
My furry friend, I’m glad we can still forage and have debates,
but I think you’ve made a grave mistake!” 

“Just face the facts, or live your life with your head stuck in the dirt!
A mockingbird will mark your grave, and laugh at what you learned!”


© 2011 Drover Shy.  All rights reserved. 

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