Wings and Bones

I came across an angel as she laid flat on the tracks.
Skin beautiful as porcelain, but her eyes were painted black. 

She said, “I don’t know what will take me, this train or winter’s frost.
And I hope he’s got some mercy, cause my trial time is lost.” 

She whispered, 
“Pray, while I’m on my way, no I can’t stay.
I’m waiting for the dawn to take me on home. 
I found I’m not brave, but much too late.
Darkness left scars on both my wings and my bones. 
Oh, I can’t wait, there’s hell to pay, please hold my hand so I don’t die here alone. 
Why did I think that I could do this on my own?” 

“I was sent here for the righteous, but all I found were pigs.
Snouts buried in the meadow, with their bellies getting big.” 

“Who’d dare to save a city when the cribs are filled with drunks.
They’re taking baths in moonshine! And my hope is all but sunk!” 

You said, “You’re better off! Well, I hope you’re better off this way! You best be better gone!” 

“If you could take my place sir, I’d be very much obliged;
you seem a man of kindness, though there’s fire in your eyes.” 

“I don’t know who has burned you, but you’ve got more grit than me.
And if you believe in redemption, then give my hand a squeeze.”


© 2011 Drover Shy.  All rights reserved. 

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