And the Animals Deserved

Said the weasel to the timid Ram,
“Have you any reckoning of who I am?
I have conned the strengths of many men.
For you see, I found them awfully bland,
Though they had two legs to firmly walk- opposed to my feeble four.
I have left them in the learned dust, left them cursing at the door!” 

But for this toil,
We’ve been spoiled. 

Said the owl to the sleek raccoon,
“I don’t know, but I feel that very soon this land will swallow up the moon.
For the stones foretold our creatured doom.
And I fear that we’ve seen the last of sun.
The tinkling tempered time won’t wait for anyone!
And our ties to our breath have come undone.
Our gasps will sing a song unsung!” 

But for this toil,
We’ve been spoiled. 

The bobcat to the otter,
“Why should I even bother?
If I climb the highest tree I can’t escape the water!?
I’ve lost my mother, my brother, my sister, father, daughter!
Our ambitions held the blade that would deal out our slaughter!” 

Boll weevil to the wind,
“When does my torment end!?
You’ve whisked me far and wide even though I have not sinned!
All the scenery around me has gone bled together.
No don’t delay, no don’t prolong. Send me to forever!”

But for this toil,
We’ve been spoiled! 

© 2011 Drover Shy.  All rights reserved. 

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